Pube Muncher 1.0™

$55.00 USD

Are you tired of cleaning your sink/ shave space after a grooming session?
Are you tired of your other half complaining about all your unwanted hairs in the tub?
Are you tired of using baby bibs attached to the wall to catch those unwanted hair?
This problem has broken up happy marriages since Jesus's time. We at Smoothmyballs, have found the perfect solution for you!
Introducing our Pube Muncher!
People say that dogs are a man’s best friend… but they obviously have not tried the Pube Muncher.
The Pube Muncher is perfectly designed for you to hoover up all those pesky hair remains with ease.
The compact design makes it easy to store and take with you on your traveling experiences. Enough suction power to unemploy the world’s longest lasting profession (you know what we mean you dirty **) .
So how does the Pube Muncher function?
Step one is making sure that your sink/ shave space is completely dry…
Step two is grooming yourself until you have that perfect shave…
Step three is brushing away hair in hard to reach spots.
Step four is turning on your Pube Muncher and vac up all those unwanted hairs.
Step five is turning off your Pube Muncher and empty when required.