Nick Bontano - May 16 2021

Ambassador review: SmoothMyBalls X SAMURAISAGMAN

We are extremely happy to say that we have teamed up with SamuraiSagman who is a leading BJJ instructor, Pro Mixed Martial Arts fighter, and involved in media, journalism and BJJ. He is a very friendly guy - if you want to know more about BJJ reach out to him and he is a GOAT when it comes to BJJ content.   The Samurai is also a top writer and interview host for Black Belt Magazine Jiu-Jitsu Canada - Look out for his work here . SamuraiSagman is big into motivation and getting inspired. His mantras are “let’s go” or “S’go” and “stay on go.” Look out for motivational posts on his pages!

Where to find SamuraiSagman:

Instagram: You can find the boss himself on the instagram here. Make sure to check out his posts and give him a follow!

Facebook:. Check out the facebook  here - If you are in the local area give him a message about training and if it's available we are sure he will get back to you.

Blogs: You can check out his work through his blogs that you can access here

How to support the Samurai:

There are frequent posts of key information to check out on his instagram, blogs and while learning about the sport he inspires others to achieve their best - you can also learn about the code of the Samurai.

Check out his instagram for frequent posts - Make sure to give him a follow for some awesome content.

He welcomes you to his channel and his content make sure to have a look on the links above!