Nick Bontano - May 16 2021

Ambassador review: SmoothMyBalls X LIL LOU

We are very happy to say that we have teamed up with a great athlete who goes by the name of Lucius Winston. He is a professional basketball player and we are happy to have him on board as part of the SMB team - check him out for quality trick shots and basketball content. He also holds a Guinness world record most bounced basketball; figures of eights in one minute. He is a truly inspirational guy so make sure you go check him out!

Where to find Lucius Winston:

Tik Tok: You can find out all of the awesome video content by typing 'Lucius Winston' - Make sure you follow and like for more insane trick shots.

Instagram:. Check out his instagram here and make sure to follow and checkout the posts.

How to support Lil Lou :

Make sure to checkout his instagram Lil_lou_4 and tik tok and show him some love - you can also purchase his merchandise.