Nick Bontano - june 12th 2021


The fact of the matter is that most men at some stage of their lives, have come across injuries when performing their grooming ritual. The main reason for these injuries are down to two main factors.Firstly and most importantly, they are not using the right tools for the job! Secondly, not knowing the correct grooming facts to reduce the chances of injury. We at Smoothmyballs have both of these solutions covered for you! Firstly, our tools are designed with correct technology for the sole purpose of grooming your balls and body. Our tools such as the Turf Chopper use no scrape technology to highly reduce the chances of nipping your sack; to get the job done correctly. Furthermore this guide has been designed to give helpful tips to help you not nip that sack.

The Smooth My Balls step by step guide for Smooth Balls.

Preparation is key. You do not want to pick up a razor and start going to town on your balls; chopping away like it's the rainforest with a machete. Here are the steps within the preparation stage; Make sure that your Turf Chopper has charge before you start. The last thing you want is having one smooth ball and one monkey ball. Decide whether or not you want a dry or wet shave.Get comfortable; you do not want to be practicing yoga while grooming your bad boy balls. Whether this is relaxing in the tub or sitting on the toilet seat. It really does not matter as long as you are comfy and can easily reach and manoeuvre your bushy balls.Depending on how long your ball hair is; you might want to trim it down before using one of the Smoothmyballs trimmer guards. This process allows you to glide over your balls while highly reducing the chances of nicking that sack. 

Now step two which is the good part; Smoothing those bad boys! Here are some vital key tips for that perfect shave while highly reducing the chances of injury. Stretch that ball sack. Stretching your skin so there are no wrinkles, bumps or ridges creates a much cleaner and safer shave. Slow and steady most definitely wins this race. Don’t rush, especially when new to grooming your balls… that is how accidents can occur. Perform slow and delicate strokes is the best method for smooth balls. Shave in the same direction your hair grows and not against it.

Something to take note… a wet shave can warm your balls up and soften the skin.

No one wants to visit your bathroom and see all your ball hair all over the place. If you have had a dry shave then it is time to use our Pube Muncher. Make sure your little friend has charge. Brush away hair in hard to reach spotsTurn on and turn this boring task into a fun and easy process. Remember to empty your pube muncher when necessary ( no one wants to sit there with a full stomach of ball hair ).
Our other solution is trying our reusable Sackmat. This is a shaving mat designed to catch your unwanted hair. Then simply bend so all the hairs gravitate towards the middle of the mat and then pour into the bin or your toilet. 

We At Smoothmyballs Hope That This Guide And Tips Aids You When It Comes To Gaining Smooth As F**K Balls.

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