Nick Bontano - May 16 2021

Ambassador review: SmoothMyBalls X GOLDENGOAT

We are super happy to say that we have teamed up with an amazing reviewer who goes by the name of Golden Goat Reviews. The content specializes on reviewing the latest in street wear and clothing but we are happy to have them on board as part of the SMB team - check him out for the low down on the latest releases and videos.

Where to find GoldenGoat:

Youtube: You can find out all of the awesome video content on the link here - Make sure to subscribe and leave some likes.

Instagram:. Check out his instagram here and make sure to follow and checkout the posts.

How to support Golden Goat Reviews:

Make sure to checkout the youtube channel and if you are into your fashion give him a subscribe and show some love - We have worked closely with him and we are sure if you spread the love he will return the favor.

Videos are released a few times a week so make sure to tune in and check it out.

He welcomes you to his channel and his content make sure to have a look on the links above!

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