Nick Bontano - May 16 2021


We are super happy to announce that we have teamed up with the divide live and are part of their podcast family. The podcast is run by Mike and Corey who have weekly shows about Sports, life and Current events- Each show is packed with funny and engaging content.  These are awesome guys who have been friends for a long time! You can use their custom discount code Divide at checkout to save fifteen percent off of your order.

The podcast is one of the fastest growing podcasts in the industry and is a great listen and we highly recommend turning in and check it out!

Where can I find the DivideLive?

APPLE PODCASTS:  You can find the link to their podcast here - don't forget to subscribe and tune in weekly.
SPOTIFY PODCASTS: Check them out on Spotify here.
GOOGLE PODCAST: Check them out on google podcast here.
WEBSITE: check out their awesome website here.
TWITTER: Check out their twitter for updates on when they are going live here.

Ways to support DivideLive:

The Divide Live would love you to simply tune in and checkout their content - They are super engaged with their fans so if you give them a message they will get back to you.

You can also support them by donations and using their sponsor discounts , they have a range of different sponsors and you can buy using their code to help contribute to their awesome podcast. You can also check out their merchandise here

If you have made it this far we want to thank you for checking out our blogs and please do go and check it this awesome content that we are proud to be a part of.

These are qualtiy guys with awesome content - go show them some love and support!